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Zinnia Envy Seeds

Zinnia Envy Seeds


These stunning flowers feature a unique lime green color that is sure to make a statement. Not only are they easy to grow in the garden, but they also make for a beautiful cut flower.

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  • Growing Information

    Lifespan- Annual

    Conditions- Full Sun

    Height- 3-4 ft

    DTM- 60-90 days

    Frost Hardy- No

    Pinch- Hard

    Spacing- 9”

    Succession- Start seeds before and after frost for 2 successions. “Cut & Come Again”

    Cutting Varieties- “Butterfly Buffet”, Envy, Queen Series, Benary’s Giant Series


    Very productive, don’t plant too many!

    When cutting, check to see if stems are stiff; if “wiggly” they will wilt

    Start seeds indoors 4 weeks before last frost and transplant seedlings after all danger of frost

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