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Mini Plug Tray

Mini Plug Tray


We use freshly harvested seeds from our farm for fast germination and strong plants.

Each flat is 200 cells (3/4” squares) for $50. Shipping is $15. For each additional tray +$10. Growing time takes about 1-2 months. You can do 1/2 trays- half one variety and half another. All must equal one tray.

Fresh seeds we have for summer are listed on options below. Please contact for more information.

Please note we are shipping from NC. We can package the best we can, however longer shipping puts your plugs at more risk. We offer insurance on our shipments up to $100, however if you decide to reorder, the plants may not be ready at the right time.

For best results, we can only ship to NC, SC, VA, WV, TN, KY

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