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Amaranth Hopi Red Dye Seeds

Amaranth Hopi Red Dye Seeds


This variety produces stunning dark red blooms that are the perfect accent. They are also known for their use in traditional dye-making, as the flowers can be used to create a deep red dye.

Qty: 1/4 tsp

Pairs well with: Mr. Optimist Dahlias

  • Growing Information

    Lifespan- Annual

    Conditions- Full Sun

    Height- 3-4 ft

    DTM- 65-75 days

    Frost Hardy- Light

    Pinch- Center stem only

    Spacing- 12”

    Succession- Plant colors according to season. “Medium Producer”

    Cutting Varieties- Hot Biscuits, Emerald Tassels, Hopi Red Dye, Love Lies Bleeding


    Harvest before seeds start falling out.

    Start seeds indoors 4 weeks before last frost and transplant seedlings after all danger of frost

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