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“Butterfly Buffet” Zinnia Seeds

“Butterfly Buffet” Zinnia Seeds


Our exclusive mix of tall and vibrantly colored zinnias will attract an array of beautiful butterflies such as monarchs, swallowtails, and fritillaries to your garden. These seeds are an easy to grow classic that produce an abundance of colorful blooms for the pollinators to feast on all summer long.

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  • Growing Information

    Lifespan- Annual

    Conditions- Full Sun

    Height- 3-4 ft

    DTM- 60-90 days

    Frost Hardy- No

    Pinch- Hard

    Spacing- 9”

    Succession- Start seeds before and after frost for 2 successions. “Cut & Come Again”

    Cutting Varieties- “Butterfly Buffet”, Envy, Queen Series, Benary’s Giant Series


    Very productive, don’t plant too many!

    When cutting, check to see if stems are stiff; if “wiggly” they will wilt

    Start seeds indoors 4 weeks before last frost and transplant seedlings after all danger of frost

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